Hello Gorgeous!

I'm Staci. I grew up in the good ol Southern state of Louisiana and moved to Riverside, California in 2007. I was a Deputy before I became a mom of two and found my passion for wedding photography. I'm a no BS or "fluff" type of person and I'm upfront with you throughout the process. I believe in documenting your day with a mix of natural and dramatic lighting to give you the best of both worlds, because everyone deserves to have an amazing wedding day experience without breaking the bank. Click HERE to know more About me!

Staci Stack a female wedding photographer

I love to capture the special, emotional, crazy-in-love moments of the most important day of your life. I'll make you look your best and happiest, so you can live in the moment knowing that you'll be able to look back on and remember even the smallest details.

"Just remember.....The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die and your DJ won't give you a mix tape. But your wedding photos will last forever!"

—Staci Stack